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Since 2015

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Nerd is the word

We may have a little fun with the name of our company, but make no mistake, we don't take the title of Nerd lightly. In our minds, Nerds represent the smartest people on our planet.

And as a Smart home or business owner, we believe you deserve a Smart contractor. And like many that are known for their intellectual prowess, there’s more to who we are than just a simple moniker; our name also defines the services we offer:


Net Zero

Our commitment as a Renewable Contractor is to reduce our environmental impact with each new project through smarter, sustainable products and installation processes.


Looking to Upgrade your power? We can identify energy inefficiencies and report clear findings so you can start saving energy costs today.


Damage from fire, water, or storms can be life altering. Our team is here to restore your property so you can get back to the things you Nerd out about.


As a vertically integrated contractor we have the experience to develop custom builds, off-grid, grid scale and critical infrastructure projects. We also develop our own enterprise software...for fun!
We are
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Nerd Performance

A few facts about us


Nerdy Years
Among the Top 1% of Contractors in North America, we’re leading the industry and we’re just getting started.


Brilliant Customers
We’re honored to have thousands of amazing customers and dozens of industry partnerships across the country.


Nerd to the Core
Our core values set us apart in the industries we impact. Nerds are capable, fun, honest, constantly evolving and wicked Smart!

Smart Contracting

We pride ourselves on customizing solutions that are appropriate for each individual home or business. Our mix of products and services are designed to improve comfort, increase energy efficiency and provide for more control over your home or business expenses, resulting in savings for years to come!

Nerd is vertically integrated in order to best support your project from A to Z including :

  • Roofing
  • Restoration
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar (Own / Lease)
  • Combined Heat And Power
  • Micro Grids
  • Utility-Scale Power
  • And More

Our Certified Nerds are trained to conduct inspections of your home or business in order to identify upgrades and repairs that are specific to your home or business needs.

We also work with public adjusters to advocate on your behalf for any restoration projects that include repair or replacements that we identify. We can handle anything from simple energy efficiency upgrades, to more involved projects like roof restoration and commercial development projects.

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Trusted by Nerds
all across America

Great company! Everyone cares and does what is right. Would highly recommend.

Yonatan Juarez is a great employee brings good energy! I am glad he knocked on my door and told me about the opportunity!

Robb came to our door and was very kind and informative about the services he was offering! Thanks for stopping by!

Bishr M.Home Owner

Proud Nerd

Pearl Partner
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SRP Perferred Solar Installer
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Tesla Certified Installer

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Nerd is the fastest growing restoration, high energy efficiency, renewable contractor in the North America.