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Smart Planet

Since our launch in 2015, Nerd’s rapid growth has only been possible through the SMART PEOPLE we work with and the thousands of brilliant customers who trust us to Nerdify their homes and businesses. We’re passionate about applying our skills and talents as a team and addressing the industry bottlenecks that prevent today’s home and business owners from upgrading their greatest asset, conserving energy, and doing so all while getting each upgrade completed at a price they can balance and a project management process that won’t hurt the planet.

SMART PLANET is our public commitment to everyone on Earth that we're thinking beyond just local or regional. As a vertically integrated, renewable contractor, every aspect of our enterprise operation is built to leverage cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and quality.

Nerd is in the business of redefining expectations, shaping a smarter, more sustainable future and leaving each home and business better than we found it. We’re proud to be setting the standard for excellence in the renewable contracting space and excited by the thousands of new, really smart friends we’ve met along the way...and we’re just getting started.

We invite you to join the Nerdfam and build a smarter world one property at a time!

If You Like Nerds, Raise Your Hand.
If You Don't, Raise Your Standards.

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Nerd of Mouth

We’re taking a bit of liberty with that phrase of course, but here’s why; We know advertising costs are always passed to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

Since our inception, Nerd has continued to stand by the operating principle that if we do a good job we won’t need to advertise. With a consistent referral rate around 20%, it’s proof we love what we do and our Nerdy customers love it too and can’t wait to tell their circle.

As we expand and continue to develop into the go to national brand for the smartest home, business and critical infrastructure contracting, we look forward to meeting you and offering countless reasons for you to Nerdify your property and share your experience!

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Nerds are capable, fun, honest, and wicked Smart! Our passion sets us apart in the industries and people we impact.

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Knowledge is power, so at Nerd we take pride in delivering accurate calculations for each project we quote and complete.

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Saving money is a by product for our customers. Our primary focus is executing on our mission for a smarter planet!

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Welcome to Nerd Nation

Since kicking things off in 2015, the NerdFam is growing into more of a NerdNation. Dedicated to ensuring each project is serviced by local Certified Nerds, we’ve built a network of offices and warehouses near you.

Wherever you see a Nerdified home, you'll find Certified Nerds close by.

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Nerds have Heart

When they’re not working hard to upgrade your home, Nerds are always excited to volunteer in the communities we service. Smiles are never in short supply!

Keep Phoenix Beautiful Volunteer Event

A group of people standing in front of a mural, holding buckets.

Red Cross Blood Drive Event

A man sitting in a chair getting his blood pressure checked at a blood drive.

Feed My Starving Children Phoenix

A group of people in black shirts standing in a room.

Maricopa Home Show 2023

A man in a lab coat wearing goofy glasses.

Nerd-o-Ween Community Event

A man and woman in tin costumes pose for a photo with a child at a costume party.

Solar Install and Mural Stackhouse Event

A truck with a stackhouse life sign on it.

Global Impact

As a renewable contractor the local savings each of our green energy projects generate is clear on day one. Every battery and solar panel installed brings us one step closer to smarter, cleaner planet. Our impact has been substantial, the numbers are huge and we’re just getting started!

Smart People
Smart Planet

Nerd is the fastest growing restoration, high energy efficiency, renewable contractor in the North America.