Home is where the Smart is

A white house, with a brown roof and brown trim around the doors and windows, a brick path leads to the house, through a well-kept green lawn.

Let's talk upgrades

As a smart homeowner, you deserve smart upgrades.

From roof repair and full replacements, to interior or exterior restoration, from storm damage repairs to upgrading your home with the level of comfort and energy peace of mind you want, Nerd is the smart contractor dedicated to helping you restore and future proof your greatest asset.

Each Nerdy home upgrade you select is backed by a team of fun and focused professionals with the right products, funding, installation and WARRANTY services your home needs and you expect.

We know you'll agree...

Home is where the Smart is!

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The Nerd Pledge

To ensure you receive the best choices in improving your home we hold an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards in service, products, installation and support. We are with you long after project completion!

Roof Repair & Replacement

From simple repairs to full replacement, we work with public adjusters to advocate on your behalf, service your roof and often for zero out of pocket cost.

Energy For The Future

We identify energy inefficiencies and provide programs to increase control, comfort and savings for your home and positively impact the environment.

Restore Your Home

Damage from fire, water, or storms can be life altering. Our team is here to restore your home so you can get back to the things you Nerd out about

Developing Partnerships

Our goal is to become your trusted home improvement partner through clear communication, pricing, service and support.

Nerdify with these smart upgrades

Not all programs are available in all markets. For program availability in your market, schedule a Complimentary Home Inspection with a Certified Nerd Advisor
Roofing Repair/Replacement

We advocate to get your roof covered and often at no cost. Nerd is a GAF Presidential Elite Contractor

The corner of the roof of a house, set against a dark-blue sky.

With convenient payment options and quick installation, Nerd makes owning or leasing solar smart and simple.

Ask about ITC illegibility
A brick house with a black roof, adorned with solar panels

Increase comfort and build a boundary between your living space and outside tempuratures.

Incentives available in select markets.
A hose spraying insulation inside a roof.
Duct Seal

Reduce allergens and increase efficiency for an upgrade you can feel day one

A hand holding a paintbrush, panting a ceiling duct with a gray sealant.

Reduce leaks in your ducting with this revolutionary technology

Aeroseal logo
Heat Pump

Reduce your energy costs and increase comfort with a high efficiency heat pump.

Incentives available in select markets
2 outdoor heat pumps set against a white building
Home Batteries

Protect your family against black outs or brownouts with smart energy storage.

Ask about ITC illegibility
The inside of a garage, against the wall are 2 large batteries with an EV charger to the right.
EV Charging

Future proof your home in one simple step with an ev charger.

Incentives available in select markets
A black EV charger attached to a slatted wooden wall.