Growth through Smart Upgrades

A large industrial roof, with several rows of solar panels sitting on top

Big buildings call for bigger brains

Nerd knows the importance of managing and operating commercial spaces and critical infrastructure. We connect business owners and facility operators to the solutions and incentives for improved margins and operational efficiency.

With some impressive projects under our belt, we are thrilled to visit with you and your team during your complimentary consultation to better understand your project goals and create a tailored solution.

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The Nerd Pledge

To ensure each customer receives the best choice in improving their greatest asset and lead the industry by exhibiting an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards in sales, service, installation and support.

Roof Repair & Replace

From simple repairs to full replacement, Nerd’s commercial roof division can inspect, service and install with little to no impact to your daily operations

Energy For The Future

Through your complimentary energy analysis, Nerd identifies costly energy inefficiencies and delivers solutions to improve your bottom line

Reliability & Redundancy

From critical loads to whole facility backup power, Nerd is here to secure your power future and make detrimental power outages a thing of the past

Development Unleashed

Nerd is ready to support your expansion through the development of new buildings designed to grow with, and support, your ever evolving needs

Desert Stormshares why
they joined the#NerdFam

A gray and orange single-story office building, to the right a medium-sized parking lot, and in front a path to the door with some light shrubbery
A white industral van, along the side near the back there is text that reads 'Nerd: Smart People, Smart Planet

The Nerd Factor

Our entire fleet of Nerds and Certified Partners are committed to installing the smartest solutions for your business.

Vertically integrated by design, Nerds handle your project from A to Z. No middle man!